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Did you know that it only costs us $25 to teach a child how to read?  We've thrived for 6 years because we keep our costs low and we've leveraged the power of technology: We recruit our tutors online. We train tutors anywhere in the world for FREE online. We teach anyone how to read for FREE. We send out ALL of our training and curriculum materials digitally at almost no cost.  ALL of our tutors are volunteers and we have an ALL volunteer staff!  Your $25, literally, enables us to teach one child how to read!

This year, your donation can also help us give away Phonibet coloring books for FREE.  

2015 is the YEAR OF THE PHONIBET! 

Children who know the Phonibet learn how to read easily, children who don't, don't.

Help us give away 1 million coloring books in 2015, OR, contact us about becoming a sponsor and co-branding our Happy Plaid Cats Stack Black Hats coloring book with your organization's name and logo.  (The link above is for our full color ebook version) Email

In giving to the American Youth Literacy Foundation, you help us to continue serving the children in your community while helping us reverse the literacy crisis nationwide.  The American Youth Literacy Foundation is a 501(C) (3) charitable non-profit dedicated to insuring that all American children learn how to read by the end of 5th grade.  All donations made using this form WILL help a child learn how to read.  Your $25 contribution will provide a child with free one-on-one tutoring for a semester.  A $250 contribution will provide free tutoring for 10 children for a semester or 5 children for an entire year!  Thank you for sharing your energy and compassion to truly make a difference : )  Your donation will be tax deductible.  (Please consult your individual tax advisor for details.)  

Additional information: All of our credit card donations are processed by Paypal. When you click on the "Donate" button below you will be re-directed to a web page that is customized for the American Youth Literacy Foundation and you will no longer technically be on the Youth Lit website.  On the Paypal site
you may use your credit card OR your Paypal account to make a donation. Donors receiving matching funds from their employers please reference our donation coordinator at  Questions, please contact  Thank you.

Try These Donation Options or Make Up Your Own:

1) Yes, I would like to donate $25 to provide one semester of tutoring for a child who is having reading difficulties: or

2) I would like to donate $250 to provide 10 children with free tutoring (Donations of $250 or more will receive a free Reading Rocks mug showcasing genuine 1st Grade Artwork!)